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Internet Recharter

Online Recharter

Renew the charter for Packs, Troops, Teams, Crews, and Ships


System Notes:

 Internet Rechartering can only be accessed using Internet Explorer 5.5 or later.  The best practice is to use the load council roster and correct your roster from this point.  Your recharter will directly affect your roster in Internet Advancement, please coordinate with you advancement chairs to ensure the accuracy of your information and always use full legal names.


A representative of each unit can now complete the paperwork for renewing a charter online. You will be able to:

·         Indicate returning members

·         Add new members

·         Update information for an individual or the chartered organization

·         Print your own recharter application



Attend your Coordinated Recharter Date for Online Rechartering for Your District

In October and November each District will have coordinated recharter dates, which online recharter training will be given. Each unit must select one adult to be its renewal processor. This adult must attend training at a coordinated recharter date. Anyone who wants to learn more about how Internet Rechartering works can take the interactive Internet Rechartering tutorial and view the online help by clicking one of the buttons below.




The Seven Step Process to Recharter Online:

1.     Get your unit Access Code from your Recharter Packet or the Council Scout Office

2.     Collect all the current contact and parent information on your unit, sponsor, and members.

3.     Select "Recharter Now" button at the bottom of this page.

4.     Complete the rechartering process

5.     Print the recharter application

6.     Get necessary signatures on application

7.     Mail or deliver the recharter application, new member applications, and check to the Three Rivers Council Office

Timeline for Online Rechartering:

·         60 days before your units expiration date, select an adult to be the renewal processor.

·         The renewal processor attends the appropriate Coordinated Recharter date to receive training and the unit's Recharter Packet.

·         60-45 days before the unit's expiration date, the renewal processor clicks "Recharter Now"and begins the online Online Recharter process.

·         When the Online Recharter is completed, print the completed charter renewal application.

·         Obtain the unit leader, Chartered Organization Representative, and other required signatures. Bring the application along with material you received in your charter packet (such as the Journey to Excellence), and all appropriate fees to your District Charter turn-in meeting, or mail them to Scout Service center in Beaumont.

·         Your unit's recharter date is the last chance to complete the process ON TIME and be eligible for the QUALITY UNIT AWARD.

·         If the process is not completed by unit expiration date your recharter is LATE and you are INELIGIBLE TO BECOME A QUALITY UNIT.

·         If the process is not completed by 60 days after years expiration date your unit will be "DROPPED" and NO LONGER EXISTS


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